We are committed to provide on ground ip rights investigation services in Malaysia to protect your brands

IP Rights Investigations in Malaysia

IP investigations in Malaysia are the most demanding activity of our investigators to find the depth of counterfeiting and piracy in the all the reputed markets. Gray market and parallel trading have uprooted the base of the branded products. It has become the worst cause of huge loss of money through such illegal circulations which have affected the business of many flourishing buyers, distributors, manufacturers. Our IP investigators in Malaysia have realized the difficulties tolerated by you in maintaining the brands due to excessive infringement. It is our all time afford to resolve such economic issues which have the worst affect on the IP Industries. Our professional provides the major service on IP which are listed below:

We have the expertise in calculating infringes and counterfeits and have the caliber to identify and gather the evidences of such products and services to have the enforcement action on such violation. We consistently attempt to help prospective clients with quality service on IP investigation with up to date information. To have the comprehensive IP investigation service in Malaysia, please inquire us on info@malaysiaprivateinvestigators.com.

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