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Private Investigators & Investigation Services in Malaysia

We are a trustworthy and specialized in private investigation corporation in Malaysia. Our corporations are discovered by Mr. Krishna M. Singh who has many years of specialization and experience with a number of successful investigations internationally and nationally. It is famous for the investigation field and has done a number of investigations for different corporations. Our customers include law firms, companies of insurance, companies of global risk advisory, corporation houses, law firms, and houses of small and big companies. Companies of global risk advisory, houses of big and small business who go through their skills of investigation which is advantageous for the several customers every year. Here investigations are done by the use of latest tools and techniques, patterns and methods have made our company – one of the top companies.

Our private investigators arrange their most efficient and effective investigation via intensive research of the situation and study of the ground. We offer a wide range of investigation and security services which are managed and guided by some of the most experienced Malaysia investigators. Our security, trust, and secrecy of customers are the driving forces which make our essential investigation with the high standard quality of outcomes. Our private investigators in Malaysia provide some of the best services of clients and solution of investigations.

Our company is a popular investigation agency in Malaysia which you can trust for private investigations. We always prioritize for offering the 100 percent satisfaction to our customers in the defined terms of intelligence, accurate reports, and authenticity. We have highly proficient and experienced professionals who have some specialized abilities in different fields of investigation. They are expertise in the confidential verifications and all types of investigations with different types of inquiries for business, corporation services, personal services and verifications of assets, etc. We are the most trustworthy and efficient consultations with firms of investigation in Malaysia.

The company, TOTAL RISK SERVICES was founded with the expert’s team of a highly experienced and trained team of investigators. They have the skills for giving the best in terms of the investigation. They firstly clear the need of the customers, make them at ease and they see the right procedures of investigation to search the information accurately. Our team of private investigators in Malaysia are dedicated to all types of investigation requirements and meeting their aim and focus. Our international tie with some different agencies of investigations, firms, corporation, and banks are a huge strength.

All of this helps us for giving the high-end outcomes with the most impeccable success rate of investigation. For achieving the high ranks in this competitive world, TOTAL RISK SERVICES gathered the professionals in the field of investigation. We have the team of experts and top investigators in Malaysia who always works even in the difficult investigation process for offering strong results. All of this is helpful for the general use and creation of the corporations. In this current situation, TOTAL RISK SERVICES is one of the most popular business intelligence corporations which look forward to offer assistance to the services. Services includes intelligence, consultancies, and investigations on different matters. Our success is the result of our customers with trust and faith in our services.

Investigations in due diligence are the topmost services offered by investigators in Malaysia. The investigation process is used for all the customers where they are located within Malaysia or territories of all other regions. In TOTAL RISK SERVICES, we analyse the different needs of investigation and then try to offer quality solutions for all types of experts and personal investigation requirements. Our customers always receive a sincere and satisfactory outcome because of the dedication to the work of our expert professionals.

TOTAL RISK SERVICES is also one of the active members of a below-described organization of investigation who always see after the issues globally:-

  • Due diligence investigation of international referral in Malaysia
  • British agents membership
  • Local research and investigations in the international association
  • Association member of the national specialist of investigations

All of these all over the private investigators, process servers and detectives which rely on the latest technology of skip tracing to:–

  • Behaviour patterns
  • Identifying the business and individuals
  • Investigation of assets such as properties and vehicles
  • Investigation in the deep cases and tries to find and solve the cases quickly
  • Exposing the new data or information for previous cases
  • Identification of connections between the associate and relatives quickly
  • Scam investigations
  • Figuring out the more detailed and accurate profiles with entire DOBs and SSNs
  • Arranging the due diligence of corporations

Our mission and vision

The mission of TOTAL RISK SERVICES is for offering highly professional and expert private investigation services in Malaysia for our customers. We are available for you 24x7 around the clock and report our findings in a timely manner. In order for reaching our targeted goals, we employ the private detectives, retired officers or policemen and other professionals everywhere around for covering the locations on the earth. We always focus on the expansion of our collaborations so that we can rise constantly for our results of an investigation which results quicker, trustable, accurate and easier.

Why choose us?

As the top agency in Malaysia, we have local agents who have a piece of wide knowledge of geography, language, and history of Malaysia. They have the entire knowledge of local places, laws and some requirements sources of Malaysia which is needed for making fast investigations and efficient in Malaysia.

We have the powerful outside network of Malaysia which makes our process of investigation broader. There are different agencies you can get via online but what makes us different from others is the satisfaction work and success rate of our investigation services.

If you are searching the high quality economical service of private investigation in Malaysia, then you are at the correct place. Just mail or contact us with your detailed requirements so that we will conduct the meeting for you for discussing further details.

If you need any help in any of the cases, then just call us or mail us at [email protected].

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