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You are welcome to our safe and secure corporation of Malaysia which is known as the best security agency in Malaysia with many awards received. TOTAL RISK SERVICES organization has experienced team of private investigators who are ever ready for helping people in their problems. Now it is growing his business all over the world including Malaysia. TOTAL RISK SERVICES has made its own reputation in the world such that whenever private investigation word is announced or heard, people think of TOTAL RISK SERVICES only. Private detectives such as watchman or security guard as well as other detectives are hired in the team of Malaysia.

TOTAL RISK SERVICES was found by Krishna M Singh who is the known for offering investigation and intelligence services in Malaysia. It was discovered in the year 1993 and now the entire corporation is equipped with fresh technologies for providing private investigation and intelligence services.

He studied in this field internationally and now handling and monitoring the whole firm providing investigation services. After completion of school, he went to the London University for the law exam in 1976 and passes in the criminal and constitutional laws. He cleared the examination of police inspectors also along with all the subjects of law like penal code, evidence act, government general orders, criminal procedure code, general laws, standard II Malay.

Our TOTAL RISK SERVICES, the safety and security organization of Malaysia is the certified and authorized agency of private detectives and security. We hereby offer our services across Malaysia with our team of professional investigators who are totally dedicated to their work. Our team has members from all over the country that can speak local languages accordingly and can relate the ethnic cultures as per the region. There are scopes of our private investigation organization of safety and security:-

  • Investigations in the due diligence business
  • Investigations of background screening
  • Investigation to find the missing person
  • Investigations of fraudulent cases
  • Skip tracing services
  • Searching for assets
  • Investigations of insurance in Malaysia
  • Investigation services in premarital cases
  • Process services
  • Checking of legal documents with verification such as birth, marriage, etc.
  • Investigations for intellectual property

Our corporations also offer the assessment of physical protection and exposure to risks. For any doubts or questions and you need the help of our team in Malaysia, just contact us immediately. Give a chance to us for helping you and solve all your matters. All such investigations will be handled by us confidentially and secretly.

TOTAL RISK SERVICES is a licensed and registered private investigation organization in Malaysia. We are operating in this industry since the year 1993. We offer the high-quality services of private investigation to many of our customers with their satisfaction. Our customers are international private investigators, law firms, insurance companies, financial corporations, multinational organizations, and other private individuals.

Our Malaysia corporate investigators provide confidential, reasonable, effective and most efficient private investigation services all over Malaysia. We also have an association with many of our partners. Our dedicated team provides support to our customers in many situations. We have specialization in the private investigation cases which involve wife and husband, custody cases of children, adult things, spouse of catching cheaters, and settlement cases of matrimony.

We are ranked highly for the corporate cases of investigations like cheating of scamming and corporates, services of cyber investigation, investigation of corporate fraud, forensic committee, screening of business, screening of pre-employment, a screening of post-employment and complete screening of background. TOTAL RISK SERVICES is also the registered service provider of safety and security which offers you detectives for investigation purpose in your house, communities, business, offices, etc. we also provide legal documents and process services in Malaysia with our trained investigators.

We are known as the leading private investigator corporation who are specialized in both private investigations as well as corporate security services. We believe in offering the regular reports, accurate and true reports to our customers with their needs.

The organization is quality assured to the recognized standards internationally where our services are broadly used by finance organizations, corporations, insurance companies, law firms all over Malaysia.

Why choose TOTAL RISK SERVICES? How we are the best?

Our well trained and expert team comprises of different regions of Malaysia who can blend it well with the public for carrying out their surveillance and investigation services efficiently. Our team of professionals has huge experience in this field of investigations where they deal with many cases daily. Our members of the team have many years of working experiences in the role of the intelligence investigator individually as they worked with the government corporations.

Investigations in different sectors

TOTAL RISK SERVICES is the corporation providing services of the private investigator secretly and confidentially keep an eye on the suspect who is determined cheater or fraudulent. They ask you questions for a better understanding of the case. For example in marital life, a question like ‘Does he come back later than usual?’ ‘Does he act weird?’ ‘Does he ask for more boys’ time nowadays?’

Our corporate risk investigators aware of all laws and infringements and we promise you to offer the best services in investigation with legal proofs.

Private investigation services in Malaysia

Our corporation is certified and licensed in different departments of investigation such as legal documents providing, process servers, private investigations in business, corporations, marital life, etc.

Our team first analyse the risks which evolve landscape and provide a better and clear understanding of the dynamics. We help in your business by offering you the timely, effective and efficient information for decision making. Thus, any of our actions will impact your business by sorting out all the differences. TOTAL RISK SERVICES offers the figure of solving for our important and essential clients.

We take actions immediately as the process of mitigation risk and handle such uncertainty with care for offering holistic solutions in any case. Our main goals are to be the provider and premier for investigation services of companies in our selected markets and to meet the expectations of our clients. For further information and assistance, kindly contact us on [email protected].