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An insurance investigation of fraud is the type of fraud detection that aims for attempting for the benefit from claims. Gaining compensation for claim investigations in Malaysia is just illegal, harmful and increases the rate of insurance amount for everyone. This frauds insurance claims then go for the average household payment of higher premiums. Additionally, being liable in an accident case can lead to a higher risk of being used. Thus, here you need our insurance claim investigators in Malaysia.

The relevant type of fraudulent is solved by the claim investigations in Malaysia where the insurance companies with proper care reject the paying claims, which just simply means that you require the experts help when making such claims. An insurance claim frauds investigation focus by revealing the wrong claims of insurance.

There are many types of fraud detected in insurance

1. Health care insurance plan - This type of investigation says that someone is paying for their health and they are then not receiving or filling the health claims which are not valid or required. Insurance investigators in Malaysia will search the records of billing and ensure that the patients, as well as doctors, are involved to commit the fraud.
2. Vehicle or car insurance - Some frauds or criminals accidents in which they collide with another vehicle or car, then accusing the driver of his fault for filing the claims. Other try to attempt the theft of the vehicle and trying to get money for the car which is not theft.
3. Home plan insurance - With the fraud of home insurance, our team of insurance investigators in Malaysia explores the fraud which also includes false claims. They will 100 percent find out if the claiming person updated the right before filing a claim. Investigators teams will also check the validity of damage property claims.
4. Life insurance - This life insurance plan does not covers the cases of people who try to file the claim when they are alive. Investigators also check the existence of the person’s filing claim for life insurance.
5. Insurance of workers compensation - When workers claim for compensation for an injury, then the compensation of workers investigation will assure the severity of the harm or injury and whether the accident arose during the working of the person.
6. Fraud of insurance company - Bad practices can also arise within the companies of insurance themselves. If the company of insurance takes the money but does not compensate, an investigator can aim with the results of cases of court.

There are some methods used for determining the information in the fraud of insurance investigations in Malaysia. Most of them are useful for finding whether the claims are true or false. There are some commonly used techniques:-

  • Verification of the claim for surveillance
  • Searching for the medical reports and history
  • Searching for earlier claims and accidents
  • Analysis of the coverage of insurance
  • Interviews of witness
  • Searching and analysis of billing
  • Checking the background of the claimant

Our total risk team of investigators comprises of the former insurance company who claims that the managers in a legal way and other specialists understand the meaning of concept of managing the department of investigations. This perspective from the client allows us to see the requirement of the client and go beyond it for investigation and report it. We have the right to do this and experience and abilities for helping you efficient in tackling these issues.

Investigation services in Malaysia

For preventing and decreasing the existence of frauds claims, our total risk private investigation team offers the death claim investigation services in Malaysia. Our team of experts will design the program for our customers. And depends on the scope of the evaluation, our investigators will arrange the range of verifications and gain the proof for support of claim investigation in Malaysia.

Investigations of claims

Total risk offers the investigation of a claim for collecting all such facts and required proof for accepting and rejecting the claim. These claims are related to life insurance, general insurance, and health insurance policies.

Our team of investigators arranges the list of activities:-

  • Interviews with the representatives and neighbours
  • Employers interviews
  • Searching in the directories
  • Checking of media such as news channels, newspapers, internet, etc.
  • Verification with the institutions or companies like departments of health, hospitals, units of police, laboratories, funeral homes, and crematoria.
  • Patients, friends and families’ interviews sessions
  • Witnesses searching
  • Requesting for the medical records
  • Taking some statements such as tape-recorded, and handwritten
  • Evidence collection
  • Checking of surveillance and activities

Insurance has just become an area of alarming where white collar crimes with lowest profiles and their priorities are affecting the existence of society around the globe of Malaysia. This is the thing to note that is why a number of frauds and corruptions are arising in this sector, and despite the better perspective, insurance has just developed highly susceptible and prone of higher frauds, swindles, and scams in the processes taken up by the people. This offers the easy path for the swindlers to use their tricks and tacts for creating the frauds by using such a reliable substance in the fake or stag claims. It is for cheating the financial or insurance company in Malaysia.

This is just to explain to you that the insurance was first launched with one aim or making the life of people happier and healthier where the supreme activities can offer the powerful protection to the whole assets, personal life, and properties. It offers the best route to have the extreme cover from a broad variety of risks and people get the compensation for the damage and loss to the insured person.

But this, it is not easy to understand after such benefits and privileges gained by using the process of insurance. There are huge cheat and deception in such sectors and why people are using this concept of the process of claims that comes under the insurance category.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you require any kind of claim investigation services in Malaysia. To know more about our claim investigators and there services in Malaysia, kindly write to us at [email protected].