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Our process services in Malaysia will monitor and control your case effectively and accurately. The network of process service offers legal documents all over the country which also consist of international process services in Malaysia. Based on the requirements, we also provide the legal and official papers either via international network or local network of process servers or via proper and correct process service methods, as to enable by the laws in Malaysia.

The network of process services includes the legal documents services in Malaysia and is the firm which controls the services of process internationally and provides the competitive rates. Our main focus is to cut it via bureaucracy and record it to get the completion of services with little time as possible. We have been in this industry of business since many years ago and have created one impressive image in the working relationships and more close with the individuals in most of the countries all over the globe.

The CEO and founder as well as director of Total risk company, a network of process service were having only one aim of making international relations an help them in any matters. It is actively engaged in the worldwide companies where he builds the business as well as personal relationships all over the world. He is also an international member as well as citizen of the country.

Not like that of the competitors who claim for team of experts, we are aware and have the knowledge of the rules, current practices, and laws in the countries where legal documents are to be served. Including the offices of our total risk provides majority parts of the world; we remain on the top of the current events and strategies of services. Our personal matters and close dealings with the authorities of the judiciary in the department of U.S. of state and many countries enable us to have a good understanding of their rules and necessity.

Why choose the network of process servers in Malaysia?

Our great network of connections and the process servers in Malaysia, get your legal papers delivered on time. We also offer your papers via methods which are accepted in all the worldwide courts. We will provide legal documents anywhere across the world. We offer the team of knowledgeable, skilled, competent and professional process servers in Malaysia. We offer the rates of firms in advance with no fees or hidden.

Service of Process Formally
Malaysia is not the producer of the convention of service. The formal method in Malaysia is the legal documents for serving in the method which must be translated into the official language of Malaysia. The time frame can range from 6 to 10 months’ time.

Benefit – judging forcefully
Disadvantage – the time is longer compared to the informal method.

Service of Process Informally
Our process server in Malaysia may offer the documents accordingly with the laws locally. Services are controlled by the manner similar to the methods used in Canada, or the US. Most of the process servers in Malaysia who are deployed are ex-police officers or other officials of government. In some cases, they work as per their capacity for completing the service. Though we pay the process servers in Malaysia the bonus for the prompt service, the normal delays are deducted. Currently, the time of the completion of informal services is around 3 weeks.

Benefit – the time frame is short in comparison to the formal method.
Disadvantage – the judge may or may not be enforceable in the country.

Rogatory of letters
This is useful for gaining evidence or serving legal papers in Malaysia in countries which are not the signers. They represent as the request from the court of jurisdiction of the foreign country who requests from the court of the jurisdiction assistance related to the process service. This method is very much time consuming, cumbersome and must be only used when all other options are not available. The use of such methods may give result in the time delay of around 6 to 10 months of time in the implementation of requests. And it must be used if no treaty is enforceable.

Benefit – in such case, it creates the case in the country where the serving of legal documents is available and makes the judgment more appropriate.
Disadvantage – delays in time and costs

Translations of processing
Most parts of the world need the legal documents for translation in the official language of the nation where they need to be served. The state department of the US suggests the translations, but it is not the necessity unless the formal method is utilized. It is possible, though very rare, that the more demure could be filed which depends on the lack of understanding by the defendant as per the nature and meaning of non-translated papers. It is very essential that the defendant clearly understand the nature of the documents. We provide translation services at the quoted rates.

Requirements of ours for serving legal papers in Malaysia

International process services

1. Sending it through mail: - the PDF version of the documents is combined into one file. If it is sent through the mail, FedEx or same - 3 documents for serving legal documents in Malaysia.
Note that all the sets can be original, copies documents are not needed.
2. The instructions letter advises us the name of the defendant, address of the service and the service method request.

Domestic process service 1. Sent it through email: - the version of PDF of the documents is combined into one file of data. If it is sent through FedEx, email – two copies of the legal documents to be served.
2. The instruction letter is advised by the name of the defendant and address of services.
3. Payment is done for the fees of services.

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