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Whatever type of industry is yours, compliance and pieces of equipment with the latest rules and regulations can be interesting and challenging. As per the verified and leading company, we provide you the unsurpassed and highly expert specialists, accuracy and the methodologies of art examination and the global network. Thus, as a result, we can help you ensure that your products, services, and processes reach the latest standards of international and national effectively and accurately as possible wherever you are across the globe.

Thus as a final result, we help you and assure that your services, processes, and products reach to the standards appropriately. You just need to select the division for learning more about what are our offerings. Total Risk Services offers background verification services in Malaysia for organizations across the region of Asia Pacific.

At Total Risk Services solution, we enormously say that every organization has its own various requirements. Thus, we need each of the background screening checks to request on the basis of an individual with the main focus of providing the value to your business. Our background screening in Malaysia have been said to be efficient and effective for our clients and organization and has a benefit to them in multiple ways. Our services of background checks in Malaysia are described and listed here for providing you the detailed information.

Post and pre-screening of employment

By the execution of our criminal background check in Malaysia services, we offer you the insight pertaining to the unknown facts very easily, faster and efficiently. The graph of statistics shows that the history of education is the most common and falsified data on the applications of resumes and employment. Our very well trained associates of screening will assure that the employers will have an impact with hand in when it occurs to the abused region of the progression of application. The figures show that most of the times, candidates tend to modify the documents or offers false information to the added skills during the application of jobs.

Know and verify the vendors and clients

Recognize the background screening of your customer and vendors where all of the businesses must use for assuring that they know with whom they are doing their deals.

Verification of Tenant

Screening of tenant offers a sensible thought of the tenant’s potential which is genuine and reliable or not. Our verification service in Malaysia provides the consistent aims of intelligence in offering the customers that aims to the needs of clients, understands their requirements and offers the background screening services with the satisfaction of money. In Total Risk Services, we provide the customized verification of background reports by using the minimum data or information for the screening of pre-employment services successfully on your future time.

Total Risk Services professionals are here for providing your assistance with the most efficient and exclusive screening of pre-employment and post-employment for your future hiring to protect your company, your clients and your employees. Our specialized associates of screening provide you the most reliable and efficient reports of screening tailors the preferences in the fastest time of completion. We provide you with a wide range of suitable employment checks of background in Malaysia and in the markets internationally.

Total Risk Services is the popular screening service provider of background checks in the town of Malaysia which offers assistance in the process of hiring for different positions in order to recognize the best suitable candidate. The successful hiring process relies on the transparency of the candidate on their screening and resumes. We help you in the investigation of each and every candidate by organizing their verification of background reliably. It is used for verification of the information offered and safeguard the employee efficiently. It serves you with the premium verification of background services in Malaysia which emphasizes on the screening of pre-employment, screening of post-employment, verification of tenant, verification of vendors and know your clients.

After many years of the success stories, we have proved to be the most accurate background check service provider in the industry by offering the best screening services of employment reports. This is being provided at competitive rates which affects the efficient candidate among all the applicants. We at pre-employment background check in Malaysia thoroughly check and verify the candidates’ background. Thereafter you can find out the fraudulent or frauds made by the candidate prior to the hiring process for maintaining transparency within your company.

Your hunt for the background check service providers ends with us and you can call us anytime to obtain background screening at the best price to make the hiring process perfect.

The consequences to the company when an employee or candidate misrepresents her or his experts' certification or status of the license which can be enormous. The risks range from the compromised and embarrassment of business evaluation to decline the value of market and civil as well as criminal liability. The house cleaning’s certification and the verification service of license allows you to make the well-informed and timely hiring, compensation and promotion decisions. Without authenticated verifications and reliable checking, you can have the confidence that candidates have the current documents and certification which they require to perform their jobs and operations.

Total Risk Services – the verification services provider which includes the verification of the current certifications of clients and their previous jobs for the protection of their privacy. Since many of the candidates are wishing to obtain the new position, there is the common request which is that their employer not to be contacted. Thus, the recent experience of the candidate is most relevant to the position of the application.

Our organization with the services of this check of candidate’s documentation or other proof of employment with verification. Their main advantages are – protecting the privacy of applicant, updated information and improvement in the history of the applicant.

Feel free to write to us at [email protected] regarding your requirements related to employment screening in Malaysia and background check service in Malaysia.