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If you are in search of IP investigators in Malaysia, then your search ends with Total Risks services. We are well known private Malaysia IP Rights investigators.

Malaysia is one of the island countries in the region of Asia which is having wide areas of prospects for the growth and development of real brands and business. But the excessive counterfeiting has converted this whole scenario where the real brand is not having the permission of accessing the firm ground for staying firm in the market. Defaulters are taking the good use of the situation for conducting more counterfeiting via wide inflow of the goods by the unknown passage.

Bigger urgency is to have sincere IP investigation services in Malaysia for getting good prospects of thriving for making the people use intellectual property investigation service in Malaysia. Total risks services have involved the best source station of IP investigators in Malaysia for looking after the aspects of security of the majority of business by providing all time protection guards against counterfeiting. The IP investigation services got formulated with TOTAL RISK by giving the security services in major parts of Malaysia.

Our Trademark investigation services in Malaysia are described below:-

  • Online protection of brand solutions and reputation services of management
  • Anti-counterfeiting investigation
  • Domain sale or purchase services
  • Copyright or trademark watch services
  • Trade investigation parallel
  • Due diligence and intellectual property investigation
  • Mystery services of shopping for process compliance, client’s experience and audit reports
  • Design, patent infringement, and trademark investigation
  • Violation issues of copyright
  • Domain and trademark acquisition
  • The action of IP enforcement
  • Purchasing of the test sample
  • A common law search online
  • Investigation of the grey market
  • Analysis of competition in brands
  • Investigation of geographical indication
  • Support of IP litigation
  • Investigation of counterfeited automobiles or spare parts and pharmaceutical drugs
  • Monitoring services via social media
  • Monitoring services via mobile apps
  • Detection of the products of infringement and counterfeit online
  • Monitoring of marketplace online
  • Services of online reputation management
  • Services of search engine removal of privacy
  • Screening of pharma trademark
  • Services of monitoring the domain names

You are welcome to the total risks services – the most reputed online brand protection services in Malaysia and its Anti-counterfeiting IP investigations in Malaysia that is the professional private invention and group of risk protection. We offer the comprehensive investigative and intelligence services to their international customers such as fraud examiners, international process servers, exporters, law firms, fraud examiners, insurance companies, corporations, private individuals and financial institutions all over the Asia parts. We are the professional investigators which handle the private IP investigation services in Malaysia and other regions of the world.

We have specialization in the IPR investigations, insurance claim investigations, fraud investigations, corporate verifications and checking of background, process services, due diligence, and other general investigations. We are offering many services in IP investigation services in Malaysia which are described above.

Most of our associates and partners in the country are the high level former of law enforcement official defence personals working with us. These are best for knowing the experienced private IP investigators in Malaysia. Total risks services are the collaboration of established private IP investigators and risk professionals protection services which provide the professional private investigation and protection of risk services to the insurance and legal sectors, corporate customers and the general public. The team of IP investigators was formed with the combination of the resources, experience, and personnel of various businesses with the focus on the provision of international services from the regional offices situated all over the countries of Asia.

Our services are prompt, trustworthy and professional. Our corporate customers like to appreciate the fact that each instruction is co-ordinated by an experienced local regional director and manager. He/she have the capability and skills needed for managing the investigation via its conclusion. Every regional director has the back-up and strength of a built team of IP investigators in Malaysia for supporting the specialist necessity required during investigations.

Total risks services have the diversified range of the special skills and abilities that have built our place in the industry and our services continue to raise the following trends, for improving the standards, and listening to the needs of clients. Total risk services are experienced in all the types of personal, legal and commercial matters and has friendly and an approachable manner. You should wish to discuss the aspects of your investigation or are in such ways concerned, we will be glad to discuss your situation in the confidence, please feel free without any obligations and doubts.

Total risks services are committed to providing the effective and innovative management of risk solutions to its clients which is based on the USA, Canada, Africa, Asian countries, UK, Australia and European countries in all the parts of Malaysia that includes 13 states such as singular – Negeri, Kedah, Negeri Sembilan, Perak, Pulau Pinang, etc.

IP investigators in Malaysia are the leading investigation and protection of risk group which aims for providing high-quality services all over the globe in support of the customers. You can contact to total risks services anytime for anything as our services are available for 24 * 7 hours. Thus, if you need any help from our team of IP investigators in Malaysia, then we are there for you anytime with our protection services. We also provide Trademark watch notice services in Malaysia. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]. For more information on Malaysia intellectual property rights investigators.