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Do you have any doubt of something hidden from you, or have any incidents of any harmful evidence? Then our corporate investigation team of Total risk services is here to help you at any cost. We provide you full safe security services with investigation included in it.

Corporate investigators in Malaysia are having the pride and made own country proud of doing such opulence performances and are going higher in their own field. They have their own motives and work with such things for satisfying the corporate clients by offering way and efficient options by using their skills. To get better work for having the marvellous solution of all types of corporate issues. To give this place, our investigators have gone via scope for developing the best corporate investigation services in Malaysia for assistance in getting the provocative solution of all the corporate problems which comes up because of unavoidable frauds risks.

Total Risk services established in 1993 is completely equipped with the fresh endeavour for providing the corporate investigation services in Malaysia and due diligence services in Malaysia. When you research the world’s best corporate investigators, you will be surely finding out the Malaysia private and corporate investigators in the top priority list.

Corporate investigators in Malaysia known as Top Risk services are the providers of corporate investigation services in Malaysia. The main goal of corporate investigators is to provide the investigation services to the National or International clients such as fraud examiners, international corporate investigators, law-firms, in-house counsels, financial institutions and other individuals privately with all the major parts of Malaysia.

It has been over the decade where they are working for their clients and they are happier with their work and the same way they investigate the whole issue. Corporate investigations in Malaysia is the services they provide their best and to do that they have the expertise and professional team of investigators in Malaysia. Corporate investigation in Malaysia is considered as the high trustworthy and more accuracy and reliable source for obtaining the perfect corporate investigations services in Malaysia. This helps to guard the corporate houses with the suitable dangers from the policies of anti-management.

Our work has gained the vast reputation of offering the corporate risk services for investigation at the rates economically. We, total risk services are in the air and no one can be blindly trusted, as we avoid the hidden risks for you and make the actual visible facts. Corporate investigation services in Malaysia offers you to help from the several fraudulent activities which are going to happen in the sector of the corporation. Our corporate investigators in Malaysia are very well experienced and can handle the various kinds of investigation matters the most.

Our corporate investigations in Malaysia follow the well-maintained ways for defending the business of clients and highly competitive in Malaysia and the complete areas of Malaysia. We hereby maintain the strong relation bonding with the partners and associates, so that we are here to offer our clients anywhere and at any time. And this helps us for serving the investigation services in Malaysia and intelligence which is situated all over Malaysia.

Our corporate services team in Malaysia is one of the most well-known agencies which offer the intelligence and investigation services in Malaysia. Mr. Krishna founded the firm which is named Total Risk Services in 1993 and recently the Total Risk Services are totally equipped with the fresh endeavour for offering the corporate investigation services in Malaysia.

Expertise in the industry, we provide the corporate investigation services in Malaysia which includes due diligence services in Malaysia. Cyber investigation services, criminal investigation services, intellectual property right services, Vigilance & Criminal investigation services in Malaysia.

Cyber investigation services are well known and top cyber investigation and litigation firm for support. We provide assistance corporations, professionals and attorneys all over Malaysia in dealing with the issues of complex internet. Our team of investigators has high experience in helping our clients which is solved very difficult conditions.

Much of the servicing work revolves on the three such key areas which follow:-

  • Recognising - One of the highest challenges of stopping such issues on the internet is the location and names of the individuals who focuses on hiding their identity. This can consist of individuals of the company, anonymous stalkers and hackers, and a rogue the selling products of companies.
  • Enforcement - Many of our customers have the issues of the internet which are far accession of simply recognizing or stopping the activities illegally. In such cases, they require the laws of enforcement from the criminal or civil side.
  • Stopping - Many of the issues on the internet can be resolved before they turn into huge issues for a company. Sometimes, this can be simple to stop the known internet for a more complex situation to stop copyright theft or infringement.

Undercover Services

Our team of professionals presents a wide range of undercover services and operations which is very famous among the corporations and our global clients. These operations or services are evaluated by the experienced or qualified investigators who have the ability for approaching the convicts and criminals.

Criminal Investigation Services

We offer the criminal, vigilance and due diligence investigation services in Malaysia which needs the discreet inquiries or investigation in the connection of the entire criminal situation, collecting services for submission to the court and criminal cases, etc. It can include:

1. Interview sessions
2. Collection of evidence
3. Different types of investigation
4. Searching
5. Interrogations
6. Preservation

If you want the investigation services in Malaysia, you can contact anytime or mail us for any queries and services.

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